Why coach?

A regular practice sports activity requests a permanent motivation. It’s the role of your coach, I motivate you and make develop you to reach your targets. I guarantee you a practice of sports in complete safety, in a adapted way, while answering your questions and by giving you dietary advice.



Personal trainer Paris

How are you getting on ?
More need to move you, I come to you at the hours and days which you want, with all necessary equipment for your putting back into shape. I am entirely in your service and in your listening throughout your training. I choose the financial years which you like, in adequacy with your needs. I support your motivation and defines the necessary regularity of your sessions for quick results.

Personal trainer Paris

Individual programs
I etablish a balance sheet form absolutely free way and without commitment. It’s a maintenance with you aiming at establishing your sports contour. Following this maintenance, I shall be capable to establishing a program personalized according to your capacities, your age, your availability and your level. We shall define your individual objectives together and we shall establish an individual program.

Personal Trainer Paris

Dietary monitoring
Whatever is played sports, and to have optimal results, dietetic plays a primordial role. Your coach can help you to understand dietetics. When you sign a contract of private lessons, your coach promises to draw up to a dietary plan adapted to your metabolism, to your activities and to the objectives that you search, to optimize your sessions.